#EX021 Skulptur aus Glas "With a fervor for freedom"


It he world this is a unique, monolith, monumental, 4.3 m high, single-cast glass bas-relief that can be seen from both sides and is three-dimensional.

The work has impressions of real-life bark gathered from lindens and oaks across the Latvia, symbolizing woman and man power.

The artistic-visual image created by contrasting of rough structure of impressions with polished vertical lines, which harmonizes with architecture.
Socially important object for all inhabitants of Latvia-to maintain a living memory of the past and passion for the future direction of Latvia's strength.

The composition consists of 9 sculptures with a total area of ~18 m2.
Teamwork for many years.

Stained glass window "With a fervor for freedom", installed in Riga Dome Cathedral Chapel of Maria.
Realization years 2013 - 2017.

Authors of the idea: Krišs Zilgalvis, Dzintars Zilgalvis
Authors of the construction project: "JR ELEMENTS" ARHITEKTŪRAS RISINĀJUMI, Juris Rotčenkov, Zane Derma
Consultant: International engineering company "ARUP"
Architectural engineering expert: Albin Skudra
Thermophysics expert: Andris Vulans
Customer: Public organization "Ascendum" and Riga Dome Cathedral
Manufacturer: Anda Munkevica and Art glass studio "AM studio"
Installation: "RE & RE"
Manufacturer of metal constructions: "RenDomo steel works"
Technical inspection: Agris Ķuzis