We Offer

Consultation and Design

AM studio glass design workshop consists of experienced engineers and artists, who will gladly help translate your idea - according to an individual order or suggest a solution for your style and vision. We consult both remotely and on site.

Glass Treatment and Manufacturing

We specialize in all types of glass service - cutting, fusing, tempering, engraving, grinding, drilling, etc. Our team performs all work on site, and also cooperates with partners to integrate glass, for example, in metal, wooden elements. See More

Worldwide Delivery

We deliver in the European Union and worldwide. We understand the importance of handling glass with care, which is why we use specialized equipment and packaging methods to protect the glasswork during transit.

Glass Installation

Our engineers will carry out a professional measuring before the work is carried out, as well install glass panels, mirrors, stairs, shower cabins and other structures. Our core value is quality and attention to detail to ensure performance to the highest standards - all projects have warranty.

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